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Digital Marketing Strategist

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I help overwhelmed mompreneurs strategize and plan their projects and goals so they can increase their profits, broaden their reach, and impact more lives.


Whether you're a seasoned mompreneur or just starting, I can help you get out of your own way and create a strategic and customized roadmap to success.


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Are you tired of Googling, DIY'ing, and Frankenstein'ing your business while wasting time and money "figuring it out on your own"?


  • You just can't get out of your own head
  • You love coming up with ideas but have difficulty following through
  • You're not sure which one of those great ideas to actually run with
  • You're overwhelmed with exactly what steps to take to grow your business


I'll strategize with you where you are and together we'll deep-dive and create some magic.


Utilizing my framework of clarity, mindset, strategy, and action, we'll get you out of your own way, create a simplified, strategic plan of action that excites you and propels you to the next level!


from confused to clarity

“I'd always dreamed of starting my online business but I had no clue how to get started. There's so much information out there! I signed up for one of Maia's offers and eventually scheduled a call to work one on one with her. We brainstormed and I learned so much. She helped me map out my value ladder and what kind of offers would work best for my industry. I went from super confused to so much clarity!

Michelle Hunt | Health & Wellness Blogger


  • knowing exactly who you serve
  • how to structure your value ladder
  • what your free, entry, core, and premium offers should be
  • what lead-generation strategy best fits you
  • how to launch your offers
  • how to meet your revenue goals
  • detailed timeline of what to do and when

Let's start creating your customized roadmap to success.


aaamazing and 100 new subscribers

“I had some moving parts and was gaining traction on social media but I was struggling growing my list. Maia helped me come up with a 5 day challenge that added 100 new people to my list in a matter of weeks! Simply aaamazing! She also helped me set up the tech which would have taken me longer than I care to admit!"

Nicole Thorn | Women's Business Coach


You're tired of the 9-5 grind and are dreaming of launching your online business, but you're confused and overwhelmed on how to start, how to look at the big picture, and how to create a solid plan.


You're in the early stages of your business and have too many ideas, too much information, and too much overwhelm. You need someone to take you by the hand, analyze your ideas, and find your diamond in the rough.


You're in the 'messy middle', have reached a plateau in revenue, and are ready to scale.


Most of all, you need a tailored approach that addresses your individual strengths, challenges, and ambitions. 

Note: If you're looking to start or grow your eCommerce online store or your brick and mortar business, I'm probably not your gal. 


3 strategy sessions at $1k a piece

"I had hope but no plan or strategy and was worried about just quitting because I was nearing burnout. My prices were also too low and I knew something had to change. With Maia's help, I ended up selling 3 new strategy sessions right away at $1k a pop!"

Kaja Young | Women's Fertility Coach


I've been a mompreneur for the last five years wearing many hats: blogger, virtual assistant, digital marketer, and my favorite being a business mentor for success-driven moms who want to start and grow their online business. 


I've been a part of 6-figure launches, worked with the best in the biz, and last year I reached the 6-figure threshold in my own business.


I understand that your problem isn't that you don't have enough information; it's that you have TOO much information and you're stuck in analysis paralysis.


But it's crucial to create the right foundations and systems to create the growth that gives you the freedom you deserve.


Let's get on a call and chat it out! 


xx, Maia

Get Unstuck

Get to the center of what's really holding you back and keeping you stuck so you can make real progress.

Gain Clarity

Make sense of all the ideas you have running through your head so overwhelm turns into action.

Get Paid

Outline your path with money-making tasks that equals money in the bank so you stop with busy work.


Create a sales, content, and marketing strategy that ignites your soul and paves the way toward growth.

"'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.' — Wayne Gretzky" — Michael Scott

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