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Discover the Proven Method to Reaching 5-Figure Months

(without the Overwhelm & Confusion)

The step-by-step blueprint in figuring out where you are now and how to get to where you want to be

(Psst! I used this exact blueprint to help me reach 5-figure months in my own business.)

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It's easy to get stuck at one level in your business... 

You do the same thing day in and day out and rarely find the time to plan for the future. But the most successful businesses make a specific plan that lays out their roadmap for growth


They know where they want to go and what they need to do to get there.

Making more money is a simple formula... 

One that doesn't require an MBA to understand.

In this program, you'll walk away with ONE result.

A comprehensive growth plan detailing "DO THIS, NOT THAT" which will take your business to the next level.

No more confusion. 

No more overwhelm. 


    • LESSON 1 - Reconnecting with the "Why" of Your Business

      It's easy to forget why you do what you do. In this lesson, you'll remember your business's primary mission so everything you do going forward aligns with your core message.

    • LESSON 2 - Revisit Your Ideal Customer

      To ensure your actions are serving your audience, you'll revisit your ideal customer so you know exactly who you're serving.

    • LESSON 3 - Clarify Your Current Profit Picture

      We'll dig deeper and get a realistic snapshot of your financial situation so you understand the resources you have to move forward.

    • LESSON 4 - Reveal Your Strength Assets

      Sometimes it's hard to acknowledge what you're doing right. In this lesson, you'll define your business strengths so you recognize what's working.

    • LESSON 5 - Recognize Your Business Weaknesses

      There are always elements you're not strong at. You'll assess where your business is performing poorly so you can lesson them or eliminate them altogether.

    • LESSON 6 - Uncover Your Hidden Opportunities

      I'll guide you through uncovering areas of your business that you can leverage for growth allowing you to tap into any hidden potential.

    • LESSON 7 - Tackle the Threats to Your Business

      You'll learn how to flag the conditions and obstacles that could hinder your growth so that you can overcome them.

    • LESSON 8 - Explore Your Marketing Potential

      As your business grows, the direction of your marketing strategy is crucial. I'll guide you through analyzing your current marketing effort and its effectiveness for the future.

    • LESSON 9 - Assess Your Team's Growth

      Whether you're a team of one, two, or twenty, now is the time to take stock. Identify how you're working currently so you can identify changes for greater productivity.

    • LESSON 10 - Review Your Processes and Tools

      You'll examine your current workflows and tools to assess whether they're what you're business needs to grow.

    • LESSON 11 - Create Your Success Roadmap

      You'll bring everything together and create your personalized plan for moving forward. This 12-month plan will guide and support you.

    • LESSON 12 - Review and Refine

      Finally, you'll review all the hard work you've done and identify any changes to implement to bring you closer to achieving your goals.

    You get these extra goodies too!



    Hiring an Excellent VA Made Easy

    Good help doesn't have to be hard to find. Learn how you can find and outsource tasks to a first-rate virtual assistant, allowing you to focus on being the visionary of your business. Learn how to prepare for your VA, find a VA, pay them, manage them, and set them and yourself up for long term success.


    Find More Clients eBook

    As a service provider, clients are the lifeblood of your business. In this handy guide, learn how to find more clients online and offline, including some hidden places you might not have considered.


    1,000+ Digital Product Ideas

     You know that creating products is the best way to increase your income and serve your audience but staring at a blank screen trying to come up with ideas is slowing you down. In this spreadsheet, you get 150+ topic ideas that create 1,000+ digital products in 7 popular niches: Arts & Crafts, Blogging, Entrepreneurship, Fitness, Parenting, Personal Finance, and Travel.


    7-Day Email Launch Sequence

    Once you've created those digital products, build up excitement with your audience and launch successfully with my tried-and-true, 7-day email launch sequence. Fill in the blanks, make it yours, and hit send. 


    Business Growth Blueprint Program (VALUE $497)

    BONUS #1: Hiring an Excellent VA Made Easy (VALUE $497)

    BONUS #2: Find More Clients eBook (VALUE $97)

    BONUS #3: 1,000+ Digital Product Ideas Spreadsheet (VALUE $97)

    BONUS #4: 7-Day Email Launch Sequence (VALUE $97)


    Tips, tutorials, & ongoing updates with unlimited access (VALUE $297)

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    Now you can definitely go back to Googling "how to grow my business" and remain in your confused state with no judgement from me. I know it's probably super comfy there. 




    You can try my proven method to help you reach the next level of your business and have the kind of lifestyle you always dreamed of. 


    xx, Maia